Visit to Zone 33 [Closed with Toii-Wanderer]


"Miss Toii is over with the saplings" A certain masked Elsen pointed out. "its right over there, She should be happy to HHH happy to talk to you" the elsen pointed carefully putting his hand on his mask.
Toii was cerfully tending to some of the new spouts that needed some extra care, putting some supports in the soil to be sure they were growing strait.

"Thank you, dear." the Player smiled, as the Batter tipped his cap to the Elsen politely.

The Player had been carrying a covered basket in their hand, they lifted the cover slightly and took a bun out of the basket, handing it to the Elsen. “Here you go, we made a lot of pastries, you can have one if you wish.” they said, “We shall look for your Guardian now, goodbye.”

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Send me “Listen up, kid” followed by a question and my muse will answer it as his/her ten year old self.

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UDGM flies down excitedly— and promptly gets stuck in the honey. That didn’t bode well. 

"Oh dear," they reach out and gently try to remove the bee from the honey.

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((I’ll be going off on a church camp starting on Saturday to Tuesday, so I might not be able to reply rps for those few days, I apologize.

I’ll try to deal with the drafts as soon as possible. ^^;))

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Give my muse a petname and see how they react.

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"Anything, really. Objects, information, protection… I don’t fuss over details like that."

"I see…" the Batter replied shortly, nodding.

Anonymous asked: ((theplayersaskblog)) Player: Hello there.



"Ah, Helloh puppeteer. What do i have the pleasure of being in your presence today? Are you in need of some luck tickets, weaponry, or do you just wish for a merchant’s empty ears to listen to what you have to proclaim, mon ami?" He asked with a chuckled following his ‘speech’. 


"Haha, of course." He pulled out a new bat and grinned behind his mask. "There we go, that’ll be 1000." He said whilst leaning against the bat. "This is a batter bat than you had before, im sure, so enjoy knocking around those spectres. Is that all you need, amigo?"

"I am sure my Batter will enjoy this," they replied, paying the merchant accordingly.

At that moment, their Batter entered the shop, holding a partially-shattered bat in his hand.  He nodded at the merchant and walked over to stand beside his Player.

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Another shrug. “It’s okay. I’ve.. I’ve only ever been attacked once, but I don’t think I got hurt.. I-I can’t remember.” She rubbed the back of her head embarrassedly.

"We can protect you if you like," the Player suggested, concerned about the girl’s safety upon hearing that she was attacked once. "Where do you live?" 

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Anonymous asked: ((theplayersaskblog)) Player: Hello. It is a pleasure to meet you.



Mocha glanced up from the coffee he was making at the voice of the newcomer. “Hello.” He greeted the puppeteer casually, although inwardly he was rather surprised that a being such as a Puppeteer had even visited this place.


The barista smiled - his grin could have been called smug if one looked closely. “I knew you would like it, my dear.” 

Mocha chuckled at their further explanation, “I’ll believe that he’s lovely when I see it myself.” He sighed, a his eyes straying over to the silent purifier, “And yes, I have noticed that they are rather protective of their puppeteers…quite a problem sometimes if you ask me.”

His eyes lingered on the Batter, his gaze becoming more intense as he scanned his eyes over the man. It was almost as if he was trying to see into the Batter’s pure soul.

"Well, it depends, I suppose." they replied, and paused to take another sip of their coffee, "He has been wonderful to me, and I owe him my life. I suppose you have not met a kind Batter?"

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batter-sempai asked: ((theplayersaskblog)) "Kitty wants to play?" ((Mocha))



"Huh?" Mocha asked, looking at the player, a look of pure confusion written across his face, "Who are you calling kitty? What does that even me-” The barista froze as he saw something black in the corner of his vision. Attempting to see it, Mocha turned around, only to have it vanish again. He spun around looking like a right-royal idiot for a while, until he finally caught the thing.

"Shit. Is that..?"

Well done Mocha. You’ve managed to chase your own tail.


Mocha continued to roll, only succeeding in winding the thread tighter around himself, causing him to yowl and shriek, thrashing about wildly. 

He froze up as soon as he felt their fingers on his head, the barista’s breathing still rapid. Mocha’s rolling and trashing slowed bit by bit until only his tail was lashing about, but it’s movements were feeble. “Mewllll.”

Seeing that he had calmed down, the Player quickly caused space matter to appear on one of their hands, and used the space matter to burn away the thread, freeing him from the bounds.

They then quickly pulled him onto their lap and began to stroke him gently, trying to let him relax.

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