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put a “<3” and i’ll tell you about someone i care about, without any names.

put a “</3” and i’ll tell you something that broke me.

put a “):” and i’ll tell you something i dislike about myself.

put a “(:” and i’ll tell you something i like about myself.

Put a “:P” and i’ll tell you something that pissed me off.

Put a “#” and i’ll tell you the last thing i lied about.

Put a “*” and i’ll tell you a secret

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@batter-sempai said: Player: *holds out hands* ^^


"Sure why the hell not? Do you know the basics of it?" Oh dam they’re cute.

(NOTE: Mun didnt read the about page until I finished the pic (because she’s a stupid piece of poop) please don’t be mad because Rowan’s “higher” than Player even though they’re 6’3  and Rowan is 5’7 ;w;)

((It’s fine, ^^; Player also has really, really long hair, but it’s okay. I love the way you drew them, and the dress you gave them as well. :D ))

"Well, I can dance a little, I suppose. My Batter taught me." they replied, rather sheepishly, "However, may you educate me a little about this dance? I shall try to keep up." 

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Send in sexy pictures of your Muse to my submit box, and see how my muse reacts..

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Hm? Aaaah nothing! Nothing bad really." I grinned, giving a small shrug.

Nothing bad? You nearly got us spotted by a group of secretaries!" Lunar huffed, crossing her arms. "You were lucky that I was able to distract them!

Eh…it could’ve been worse..

The Player was not sure whether to smile in amusement or be concerned. Lunar’s mun amused them, but they felt rather sorry for Lunar for having to put up with them.

"Well, are you both alright? Were you injured?"

batter-sempai asked: Player: Meow.



Mechant looked at her and laughed. He bent to the floor and grew three tails. A second set of silver eyes opened and his hair turned to body encasing fur. He also grew a set of cat ears. He trotted of to the player and gently nuzled her. “Meow.” 


Mechant licked her gently. “Thank you. I’m glad you don’t find me freighting. Most people hate this form. Are you enjoying your trip?” 

"Oh, goodness, no. You are not frightening at all. You look lovely." they smiled up at him as they laid on him, "I am enjoying this very much, thank you."

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"I had a bad day. I could use a hug."

"Of course, my dear." they wrapped their arms around her and cuddled her. 

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"Would anyone like a hug? Or a cuddle?"

Reblog if you are a roleplayer who totally understands that sometimes threads are dull, and you don’t mind if people want to drop them simply because it isn’t working for them.




Because hey, we can try again in the future, and if you don’t want to do that either, that’s totally okay as well. <3


This is something most of us do for fun, and if you aren’t having fun, then I don’t want anyone to continue just for my sake.

I’m not a roleplayer anymore, and even I can understand the struggles roleplayers have with threads like this.

Just please tell me, so I can stop watching the thread. 

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